2MF residency concert on tonight

Tonight’s the night! The Two Moors Festival’s first residency of the year has been going on this week, with seven excellent instrumentalists coming down to Devon to make lots of music, enjoy delicious food and make the most of being deep in the countryside for a few days – with the added bonus of amazing weather this time around!

At 19:00 this evening (May 25th), horn player Francesca Moore-Bridger, double bass player Sophie Roper, cellist Ben Birtle, violist Arnaud Ghillebaert, violinist Chihiro Ono, bassoonist Sinead Frost and clarinettist Max Welford will all take centre stage in the gallery at Barkham and treat the audience to a night of Beethoven and Strauss.

The programme includes Strauss’ Till Eulenspiegel Lustige Streiche – the tale of a troublesome German peasant who’s eventually executed by the authorities – and Beethoven’s Septet in Eb major Op.20, dedicated to the Empress Maria Theresa.

Part of the appeal of the residency series is that musicians can come and rehearse in a beautiful setting, away from the hustle and bustle of big cities, and have a bit of a holiday even while they’re working. “Barkham is one of the most peaceful, calm, beautiful places I’ve ever been, especially in the sunshine,” Francesca says. “This is very different to a normal week in central London. No tubes, no noise, no pollution, no frantic tube journeys to last-minute rehearsals, no waiting for phone calls, checking messages and hoping the diary will get busy next month. It’s been idyllic!”

If you can’t make it to tonight’s concert, don’t worry – these seven players will be joining forces with other instrumentalists for the festival’s main two-week event in October, performing Mahler’s Das Lied von Erde on the 13th.

For tickets for tonight, call 01643 831370.

Are you going to have a listen tonight? Let us know what you think of the performance!


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