Stuffing envelopes

People always think that running a music festival is a particularly glamorous life to lead and, for the most part, it certainly is. Here at the Two Moors Festival, we get to meet so many interesting and talented people and hear countless performances of our favourite classical pieces – it truly is a joy to do this as a job.

However, like all jobs there are some serious downsides and doing a mail shot has to be up there with the worst of them! Each year, we’re faced with the unenviable task of having to stuff our newly printed brochures into envelopes to send around and about the UK, revealing just what we have planned for our main two-week event each October.

As it happens, yesterday was the day to do this and for three hours, festival artistic director Penny Adie, husband and co-organiser John and a team of merry helpers sat down to send out 4,000 brochures to everyone on our mailing list. Quite a task!

Of course, there are ways to make the job that bit more interesting and yummy food and good wine is certainly one way to do this. Lots of lasagne, fruit salad and a “chocolate sticky thing” (as described by Penny) helped make the medicine go down and a bit of healthy competition made the time go quicker as well, with one group doing sticky labels and the other stuffing envelopes.

This year, we’ve been very lucky and received very generous stamp sponsorship from estate agents Knight Frank – perfect timing, considering how much a 2nd class stamp now costs! If all goes well, everyone should receive their brochures by the weekend – so watch out for yours in the post!

What’s the worst thing about your job? Can it beat stuffing envelopes for three hours?


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