This Is My Jam

If you’re addicted to music and social networks in equal measure, then it’s high time you signed yourself up to This Is My Jam – the new way of sharing and getting into new music.

The premise is a simple one – all you have to do is choose one song (of any genre – we’ve got the Brasil Guitar Duo playing Bach as our jam this week) and add it to your homepage, where it will sit in pride of place for seven days for others to listen to and like.

Think of it as the Twitter of the musical world, with your one song the 140-character equivalent. The idea is to only follow those people whose music you like, so you end up with a personalised radio station available whenever you want at the mere click of a mouse.

As it’s still only just getting started, you may struggle to find any of your friends on there as yet (apart from the few internet-savvy hardcore among them) but there are some big names coming up with some great jams that definitely deserve a follow.

Apart from the Two Moors Festival, there’s BBC Radio 3, Classic FM, Guardian Music and the Salomon Orchestra, with jams including Duke Ellington’s Portrait of Louis Armstrong by Wynton Marsalis, Rachmaninov’s Piano Concerto No.2 and the Walton Viola Concerto, Mvt.II.

If you love classical music – or, indeed, any other genre – and live to discover new pieces and share them with the world, then this is definitely the social network for you. We hope to see you there!

Follow us on This Is My Jam here.


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