The big reveal!

Exciting times ahead for the Two Moors Festival! We’ve spent hour upon hour proofing and re-proofing, an entire evening stuffing 4,000 envelopes and a fun couple of minutes shocking the postman with sacks of mail – all of which can only mean one thing: our brochures for the main two-week event have been sent out and October is only a mere four months away.

By now, everyone on our mailing list should have received their programmes and will no doubt be oohing and aahing over what’s in store for them in 2012.

We have to say, this is a particularly special year for the festival – as it has been for Britain, in fact, and we’ve tried to continue the theme of anniversaries to tie in with what’s been going on in the country over the last couple of months. We’ve got a Right Royal Revelry in Tithe Barn in Dunster (with Purcell, Couperin, Handel and Rebel on the bill), Come into the Parlour in Widecombe-in-the-Moor to celebrate Charles Dickens’ birthday in 1812 and In Memory of the Titanic, a poignant song recital – all of which fits in very well with the events of the last year.

As staunch supporters of the Two Moors Festival will know, we’re rather partial to a quirky concert or two and 2012 is certainly no different to previous October performances. This year, we’ve thought outside the box and decided to put on a number of concerts in the waiting room at Tiverton Parkway Station, any time from 09:05 onwards after the London train has gone. We’ve got cellist Guy Johnston, violinist Tai Murray and lute player Elizabeth Kenny, among others, on hand to entertain passengers and the series promises to be one of the more interesting we’ve had as part of the festival.

Of course, there’s a lot more going on in the two weeks – but you’ll have to get your hands on a brochure to find out!

You can download them from the Two Moors website or request one to be sent in the post. And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter (@2moorsfestival) to keep up with all the classical music news.

What concert are you most looking forward to at the festival this year?


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