A Cottage on Dartmoor

This year, it’s been silent movies versus the talkies, with recently released film The Artist winning five Oscars and proving that sometimes, words really can be surplus to requirements – even today, in our information-overloaded society.

Wordquest Devon – a project set up to encourage people to explore Devon’s literary past and present – is joining in the fun by screening Anthony Asquith’s A Cottage on Dartmoor, one of the last silent movies to be made before the talkies came along and revolutionised cinema.

Set on the wilds of Dartmoor, the film tells the tale of prison escapes, jealousy, love and revenge – and Wordquest has arranged for the Seat of the Pants Orchestra to provide a live sound score.

The orchestra itself takes its singers and instrumentalists from a wide range of genres, from urban pop and the West End to jazz, classical and community music. Although the group is based in the south-west, it has provided the accompaniment to many a silent film both at home and internationally. It has played at the Lincoln Centre in New York, at London’s Covent Garden Opera, psychiatric hospitals, prisons and Debenhams, travelling from South Korea to South Africa.


July 21st, Church House, Widecombe. 19:00.

August 21st, Barnstaple Library. 19:00.

September 7th, Exeter Library Music Room. 19:30.


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