An abundance of bookings

Golly gosh, what a busy few weeks it’s been! Ever since the release of our fabulous new brochure, we’ve been inundated with box office enquiries – which is very exciting indeed, particularly since the festival doesn’t even start until October, a whole four months away!

While four months might sound like a long time to some, for the festival organisers it’s really just a blink of an eye. There’s so much to be done between then and now that at times it seems as though the festival will have been and gone and we’ll still be sifting through booking forms.

It does feel a bit like Christmas at the Two Moors HQ, at the moment, what with the flurries of postal bookings already coming through the letterbox – we only ever get this much post with Christmas cards in December!

For those of you who have sent in bookings and are wondering when you’ll receive your tickets, we process the forms in order of receipt, so you may not hear from us for a few weeks – but rest assured we are steadily making our way through all the paper.

Thus far, the spread of interest in concerts has been great. Each year, we put on a number of free talks and performances which, naturally, always generate a lot of interest but it’s lovely to see that some of the others are already causing a bit of a stir – and the brochure’s only been out a matter of weeks.

The most popular ones at this point are the Military Wives Choir (with a programme of Bach, Dyes, Arnold and Whitacre, among others), A Century Celebration with the Brodsky Quartet (playing Purcell, Britten and Elgar) and Classical Guitar with Jazz and a bit of World Music, with John Williams and John Etheridge on guitar.

If you want to book tickets for any of our concerts this year, call (01643) 831 370 or download a brochure from the Two Moors Festival website. Priority booking for Friends of the festival opens on July 23rd and general booking opens on August 20th.


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