Moor than Meets the Eye

A new project is set to start in Dartmoor this year, intended to help people appreciate their cultural and natural environment and develop the skills required to conserve and sustain the region’s heritage for the future.

Moor than Meets the Eye – a collaboration between the Dartmoor Farmers Association, Devon County Council, the Dartmoor Partnership, the Dartmoor Preservation Society, the Duchy of Cornwall, English Heritage, Forestry Commission, Natural England, South West Lakes Trust and the Woodland Trust – will cost £4 million and take six years to complete, with the first phase of funding totalling £100,000 now awarded.

The scheme – which intends to involve local people as much as possible – intends to restore Bronze Age, medieval and industrial sites and buildings, as well as conserving wet valley systems and haymeadows, while protecting species like barbastelle bats and the red-backed shrike. Heritage trails are also to be developed to help visitors understand the story of the moor.

“This Landscape Partnership scheme … will not only help conserve a very precious part of our natural heritage but also encourage local communities to play a much greater role in looking after it,” Richard Bellamy of Heritage Lottery Fund South West said.

Anything that encourages people to play a greater part in looking after the beautiful countryside down here is more than alright by us here at the Two Moors Festival. Keep up the good work!


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