Eleanor’s Long Walk Home

If you read our blog post the other day about Castle Drogo in Dartmoor – a 100-year-old fortress built by Julius Drewe, founder of the Home and Colonial Stores, who decided he wanted to live in a castle upon retirement (at 34!) – then you’ll know the site is facing potential closure because of the structural damage it has sustained over the years.

It’s got a lot of problems – nearly half a million pounds is needed just to fix the water damage – and, even though it’s just been successful in securing Heritage Lottery funding, more work always needs to be done and money always needs to be found from somewhere.

One person keen to do her bit is Eleanor Redgrave, a Castle Drogo volunteer who has taken it upon herself to walk the 350 miles between Devon and Suffolk, where she is originally from, in a bid to raise £1,500 so both scullery windows at the castle can be refurbished.

She’s only just begun her endeavour, making pit stops off at Killerton House and Styal Estate, and is tweeting her progress as she goes – already having surpassed her £1,500 goal and reaching £1,590 on her JustGiving page.

“For the past 14 months, I’ve had the once-in-a- lifetime opportunity to live in Castle Drogo as part of my full time volunteer role. It has been a wonderful experience…The Castle is battling for its survival as the building suffers from leaks! I would hate to see this big piece of granite crumble into ‘another’ Castle ruin,” Eleanor says.

Well, good luck Eleanor – a truly commendable goal you’ve set yourself and we here at the Two Moors Festival will be rooting for you all the way (and praying that you have good weather throughout your journey!).

Follow Eleanor on Twitter to see how she’s getting along, check out photos of her progress on Facebook and sponsor her on her JustGiving page.


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