An interview with: The Dionysus Duo

L-R: Suling King & Caroline Adie

The Dionysus Duo is oboist Caroline Adie and pianist Suling King, who have been playing in concert halls around the world together since 2010. We catch up with one half the Duo, Caroline, who tells all about Two Moors Festival concerts, world cruises and performing with her best friend.

Two Moors Festival (2MF): Where did the name Dionysus Duo come from?

Caroline Adie (CA): We wanted to used something from Greek mythology and chose Dionysus because of the nice alliteration. She’s also the goddess of wine and we like wine.

2MF: How did you and Suling meet?

CA: We met at The Purcell School ten years ago. We’ve played a bit together over the years, but didn’t form the duo until 2010.

2MF: Do you ever have any players’ quarrels or do you get along famously?

CA: We are very close friends and have known each other for a long time. Suling is very good at putting up with me before concerts when I tend to get a little anxious. She says I’m “very observant”. We spend most of the concerts being rude about one another!

2MF: What’s been the most memorable moment for you as one half of the Duo?

CA: Our cruise in April was full of them. I thoroughly enjoyed the concerts and we saw Istanbul, which was amazing.

2MF: What’s the most exciting gig you two have played together?

CA: Playing on board Queen Mary 2 was very exciting.

2MF: And the worst?

CA: I was pretty seasick on our last cruise. We had our final concert on the Bay of Biscay, which is notoriously rocky, and poor Suling had to mop up my tears three minutes before going on stage.

2MF: What do you do in your downtime on cruises?

CA: Jigsaws!

2MF: What pieces do you have in your repertoire?

CA: We have a broad range from Mozart to Kalliwoda – most of the oboe favourites.

2MF: Where has being part of the Duo taken you? Any favourite destinations?

CA: Australia was pretty incredible, but going around the Baltic Capitals on the Queen Elizabeth was spectacular. We made some very good friends, as well as seeing some beautiful cities.

2MF: Tell me about what the Duo’s doing at the Festival this year.

CA: In September, we’re doing three evening recitals across Exmoor and Dartmoor to raise Festival awareness. It’s a 45-minute programme, with lots of chat about the festival and works by Debussy, Kalliwoda and Rachmaninov among others. It should be a a great little series of concerts, with the idea being to spread the word about the festival as far and as wide as possible.

2MF: What does the future hold for the Duo?

CA: Hopefully more concerts and cruises. We do enjoy cruises – you can’t beat being paid to see the world and play lots of lovely music!

Catch the Dionysus Duo in September:

– September 16th, All Saints Church, Dulverton, Devon

– September 17th, St Lawrence’s Chapel, Ashburton

– September 18th, Lower Pulworthy, Hatherleigh

Call (01643) 831 006 for more information


3 thoughts on “An interview with: The Dionysus Duo”

  1. Great Interview! makes me want to watch and hear them! tell them to come to Los Angeles to perform 😀

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