BBC Radio 3 at the Two Moors Festival

We’re very lucky here at the Two Moors Festival this year to be putting on a concert in conjunction with BBC Radio 3 as part of our main two-week event in October.

As part of the BBC’s Piano Season – which began this weekend with the live finals of the Leeds International Piano Competition – there will be six Live in Concert events from venues around the UK, one of which will be St John the Baptist Church in Hatherleigh, Devon on October 15th at 19:30.

We’ve got pianists Ashley Wass (who’s also doing a lunchtime Two Moors concert at the church on the 15th as well!) and Huw Watkins performing Robin Holloway’s The Gilded Goldbergs Op. 86, A re-composition for two pianos after JS Bach.

Bach’s original piece, The Goldberg Variations, is a work for harpsichord that consists of an aria and a set of 30 variations. As Holloway says: “It seems both odd and foolish to take one of the acknowledged pinnacles of western music and recompose it. My excuses are, first, that Bach was himself an eager transcriber and transformer of other men’s music; and, second, that his own has been so very adaptation-friendly down the ages.

“My own Goldberg adventure, in upshot huge and deliberated, actually began with comparably modest aims. Frustrated as a single pianist by inability to clarify the close-weave canons or manage the more fiendish hand-crossing numbers so idiomatic on a two-manual harpsichord, I began to transcribe a few for the domestic medium of two pianos.

“I’d begun with a straight transcription of the first canon, but what had begun in functional obedience turned almost at once towards re-composition and eventually drew miles away from the first modest aim, to grow into something more ambitious than I could possibly have imagined.”

We really couldn’t ask for a more exciting performance to take place at this year’s festival and are delighted to be working with BBC Radio 3 to bring this wonderful piece to audiences in Devon. It’s sure to be one of the must-see concerts at the 2012 festival, so get in touch with the box office today to make sure you get yourself one of the very sought-after tickets!

Concert information

BBC Radio 3 Live in Concert from the Two Moors Festival

Monday October 15th, 19:30

Tickets: £12

Call (01643) 831 006 to book


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