Two Moors Festival: Day 1

At last, the moment we’ve been waiting for all year is here – the first day of the Two Moors Festival October event. And of course, the setting being Devon, it has absolutely tipped it down! We were seriously considering building an ark and sailing to all the churches for the concerts that took place yesterday.

Just take a look at our garden!

Picture the scene: it’s three hours before the first concert (The Brodsky Quartet playing a programme of Purcell, Britten and Elgar at All Saints’ Church in Dulverton) and John and Penny Adie – organisers of the festival – are somewhat preoccupied by a flooded storm drain, with water threatening to spill over into the house. Brilliant. Sadly, the downpour meant that some concert-goers were unable to make it to the event – made all the more sad by the fact that the night was so very good.

The Brodsky Quartet were on amazing form and, even with the few who couldn’t get to the church because of the rain, there were over 200 people there, so the church was very nearly full and we had a lovely little party afterwards with about 30 audience members, lots of fine wine and some delicious nibbles made by Frances Chanter.

Rain notwithstanding, it really was a brilliant start to the Two Moors Festival and we can’t wait to see what the rest of the ten days holds. Here’s hoping we don’t get washed away overnight!

Did you make it to the Brodsky concert? What did you think?


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