Two Moors Festival: Day 2

Well, what a busy day we’ve had here on the second day of the Two Moors Festival. We’ve been rushing around Dunster for today’s concerts, which consisted of a talk at the Yarn Market Hotel by Alan Caig on the topic of Exeter’s Royal Albert Memorial Museum – focusing on the major redevelopment the gallery recently underwent.

This was then followed by the festival’s own ensemble playing a rousing programme of Dvorak and Beethoven at the town’s St Georges Church at lunchtime, which was a really lovely concert and thoroughly enjoyed by all involved.

The evening concert, in Tithe Barn, was one of our favourites of all on the billing this year – A Right Royal Revelry, inspired by royal anniversaries. Aside from all the fantastic music played by Frances Norbury, Daniel Edgar, Nia Lewis, Malgosia Ziemkiewicz, Tim Smedley and Christopher Bucknall, there was also the chance for audience members to have a bash at doing some of the dance steps of the period – which really was great fun.

Here are a couple of snaps of people practising their steps:

Of course, it wouldn’t be the festival if there weren’t a few problems that crop up daily – all the rain on the first day was lots of fun (although, this being Devon, not entirely unprecedented!) and we’re all very worried about pianist Ashley Wass who’s really very poorly and who may not be able to play at the Pied Piper of Hamlyn concert on the 15th. That’s all part and parcel of running a music festival, though… you just have to roll with the punches!

Who went to today’s concerts? Weren’t they a lot of fun?


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