Two Moors Festival: Day 4

What a day! After all the horrible rain at the start of the week (when we thought we might actually be washed away), we were very concerned that the Two Moors Festival Walk on the Wildside trip up to Hay Tor in Dartmoor would have to be cancelled, which would have been a great shame as we were all so looking forward to hiking up the hills accompanied by Harry Winstanley on the flute and strummer Ashley Myall.

As luck would have it, the day dawned and it was absolutely glorious weather – a fact that certainly didn’t escape our concert-goers, as 170 people turned up to go on the walk… including one very plucky 90-year-old! We really couldn’t have asked for nicer weather for our one outdoor event and what made it even better was that we could see a storm brewing the entire time we were walking but it never quite reached us. Laughing in the face of rain!

Later in the day, we found ourselves in St Pancras’s Church in Widecombe-in-the-Moor for Come Into the Parlour, a concert celebrating Charles Dickens with Donald Maxwell, Anna Tilbrook and Marcus Farnsworth. In all, 54 people came along for the evening concert and, we’re pleased to report, had an absolutely brilliant time.

Roll on the rest of the festival!


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