Two Moors Festival: Day 5

We’re having such a wonderful – albeit incredibly busy – week here at the Two Moors Festival. We were all particularly looking forward to today because it marked the start of our series of concerts, A Season Ticket for Bach, held in Tiverton Parkway. You might well think it strange to hold a classical music event in a station waiting room but Tiverton really does have the most amazing acoustics – and we love doing things out of the ordinary here at the Two Moors. Anything quirky and a little different and you can bet your bottom dollar we’ll be doing it… or trying to!

Today saw Tai Murray pick up her violin and put Bach’s Partita in B minor through its paces. This certainly was the highlight of our day (which got off to a bit of a rocky start with the delivery of a Steinway and a very burnt-out clutch) and the audience (and initially bemused travellers) certainly loved it. We can’t wait for the rest of the Tiverton concerts now!

Later on in the day, we found ourselves in the stunning Exeter Cathedral for an orchestral concert with The Orchestra of the Swan, young instrumentalists from the south-west and cellist Guy Johnston playing a lovely programme of Tchaikovsky, Haydn and Holst. What a wonderful evening it truly was – and what a great opportunity for young musicians to play in such a brilliant venue and alongside some seriously good instrumentalists. And how lovely is that photo of the Orchestra of the Swan rehearsing, with all that gorgeous sunshine streaming through the window?

Bring on tomorrow!


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