Two Moors Festival: Day 6

Guy Johnston in Tiverton Parkway

Over halfway through this year’s Two Moors Festival and it really has been very eventful indeed! We’ve heard some amazing classical music, travelled all over the countryside, dealt with ill musicians, handled burnt-out clutches, eaten and drunk a LOT and had a lot of fun!

Today, one of our favourite series of the event this year continued – A Season Ticket for Bach, with Guy Johnston replacing Tai Murray as the artist in situ at Tiverton Parkway railway station. We had a bit of a 30-second heart attack when Guy thought he was playing Bach’s Eb suite instead of the suite in G (and how grateful he was when we told him this wasn’t the case!), but the concert went brilliantly and everyone had a great time.

One hardy couple came up to Tiverton on the train from Exeter just to hear him play and Guy finished just in time to catch the 12:09 back to London! These train station concerts really are such fun, we’re so glad we were mad enough to do it. The station staff are having a fantastic time and everyone’s being very generous when charity boxes are handed around – passengers as well as concert-goers!

Check back on the blog tomorrow to find out how day seven went!


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