Two Moors Festival: Day 8

We seem to have a bad run of luck when it comes to pianos here at the Two Moors Festival. I’m sure many of you out there will remember our poor piano that fell into the daffodils – the news story even made it as far as China and Canada! – and now we’ve had another mishap, although not quite on the same scale.

A case of very mixed wires led to the poor piano movers being stuck in Tavistock at one o’clock in the morning with nobody around to take the piano off their hands. They ended up having to sleep in the van outside the church, with the bells going off every 15 minutes and chiming down the hour every hour!

A hearty breakfast of strong tea and bacon sandwiches set them to rights and we were able to get on with the day of classical music.

Today we welcomed the magnificent Military Wives Choir, who sang their hearts out at St Eustachius’ Church in Tavistock and it really was a wonderful evening, thoroughly enjoyed by all. What an inspiration John Macdonald and the singers are. We thoroughly recommend you go and see them!


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