Beethoven at a bus station

You may have been lucky enough to catch our Season Ticket to Bach series of concerts that we held in Tiverton Parkway as part of this year’s Two Moors Festival October event. Some seriously good musicians (think Tai Murray, Guy Johnston and Kerensa Peacock) all got their instruments out to play to passengers and everyone had an amazing time!

Clearly, we’re not the only ones who love to take classical music out of the concert halls of old, however. We’ve just found out that video artist Anton Hecht set up a piano in the middle of the very busy Haymarket station in Newcastle (used by three million people every year!) so that musician Andy Jackson could play Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata – inviting people to come and join in.

“I hadn’t really imagined how excited the commuters would be to get involved and to chat about their own experience with music while taking part. I cannot really explain what has finally emerged from the video, but it is a truly communal playing experience,” Anton said.

Bus Station Sonata was funded by Nexus, which hired the piano as part of its Art on Transport scheme. Here’s the video!


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