7-year-old composes own opera

We love it here at the Two Moors Festival when young people strike up a serious interest in classical music so you can imagine how happy we were to hear that seven-year-old Alma Deutscher had composed her own opera – and it had been highly commended by the English National Opera.

Her father uploaded a few videos of her work on YouTube and they have since received over 300,000 hits – good going for someone still in primary school!

Alma, who wrote her first sonata aged six and her opera The Sweeper of Dreams a year later, told the Daily Mail: “The music comes to me when I’m relaxing. I go and sit down on a seat or lie down. I like thinking about fairies a lot, and princesses, and beautiful dresses.”

Apparently, her best ideas come to her when she’s sat on her garden swing.

Here’s a video of her playing one of her own works.


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