My First Orchestra App

We love technology here at the Two Moors Festival and all the new apps that keep coming onto the market are a great way to get people interested in classical music.

We’re particular fans of Naxos’s My First Classical Music app, designed to introduce children as young as four to the wonderful world of the orchestra.

Users are guided around the various instruments by Tormod, a green troll from the top of a mountain in Norway who has come along to learn all he can about music. Very commendable!

There’s a full album of music, including John Williams’ Superman, Sarasate’s Carmen Fantasy, Mozart’s Horn Concerto No. 4, Mendelssohn’s The Hebrides (Fingal’s Cave), Wagner’s Overture to Tannhauser, Grieg’s In The Hall of the Mountain King and many, many more.

Every orchestra instrument has its own dedicated page, with a young musician playing a solo, and children can tap words and pictures to hear sound effects, extracts, see animations and hear text narrated.

“Beautifully illustrated, loads of fun and a great introduction to music for children (and adults too!). Tormod the Troll is a work of genius – kept the kids absorbed for hours,” user Lexi Cal wrote.

What a great idea! Let us know if you use it – and if your kids love classical music even more!


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