Undiscovered Beethoven arrangement enjoys UK debut

As massive Beethoven fans, we here at the Two Moors Festival were very excited to hear that a new arrangement by one of our favourite composers had been discovered in the back of an old sketchbook.

Professor Barry Cooper of the University of Manchester found the two-minute piece – an organ harmony to the 1,000-year-old Gregorian chant Pange Lingua – while studying the 192-year-old book, saying that other  experts had most likely missed the work because Beethoven hadn’t included the words or the first line.

“Beethoven specialists tend not to be specialists in plainsong hymns and specialists in Gregorian chant don’t normally look at Beethoven sketches,” he told Reuters.

Mr Cooper enlisted the help of some music students to perform the work – thought to have been composed for Beethoven’s friend Archduke Rudolph of Austria – in October.

Here’s hoping it’ll be performed again soon!


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