Classic FM vs. Radio 3

It’s the clash of the titans in the classical music world this week, with Classic FM accusing BBC Radio 3 of trying to poach its listeners and boss of the Global Radio Network Stephen Miron saying that the BBC had been overtly copying Classic FM by introducing changes similar to programme ideas already in use.

Classic FM claims that Radio 3 – which has had a bit of an overhaul in the last 18 months in a bid to widen its appeal – has imitated a range of ideas, from request shows to phone-ins. And according to the Daily Mail, some listeners have even complained that the BBC programme is too similar to its Global Radio counterpart.

“Radio 3 has aggressively pursued Classic FM and it uses its other platforms to cross-promote the station. They are absolutely trying to take our listeners,” Mr Miron said, speaking at the Radio Conference in Salford.

What do you tune in to – Radio 3 or Classic FM – and why?


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