Who’s heard of the all-new baby opera?

While we’re slightly disappointed that it’s not an opera starring babies, we at the Two Moors Festival are very pleased to hear that an all-new production composed by Norwegian Maja Ratkje will be making its debut in the UK at the end of November, with performances in London, Yorkshire and Northern Ireland.

According to the Guardian, Chorale Choral, a 20-minute opera composed specifically for children under the age of three, has had lots of positive reviews in Norway and takes place in a shell-shaped tent, with the audience sat in a circle around two performers who crawl about on the floor, sing arias in a very animated way and play made-up instruments (like a glass chime jellyfish and a sea horse harp).

It’ll be on in Huddersfield on November 24th, Dewsbury on the 25th, Belfast between the 27th and 28th and London between the 30th November and 2nd December.

We think this sounds like an absolutely brilliant production – and love the fact that Maja is writing works for such young children. It’s never too early to get into opera and classical music!

How old were you when you first fell in love with classical music?


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