Call made for EBacc arts qualification

Creative arts subjects may well be added to the core qualification for 16-year-old students in the UK if some of the country’s most famous musicians are listened to.

Julian Lloyd-Webber, his brother Andrew and a host of other stars from the industry have called for arts subjects to be added to the English Baccalaureate, the new performance measure that sees pupils awarded the qualification if they achieve a grade C or higher in a language, English, maths, history or geography or science.

In a letter to the Times, the cellist voiced concerns about the conspicuous absence of art subjects in the EBacc, saying: “We know of the importance of creative subjects in school, in teaching, and in learning and the current Key Stage 4 proposals (and existing league table) are putting much of this at risk. We must continue to ensure that children receive a full rounded education so that they can develop their talents. Further, when looking for growth, the creative industries – £16 billion of the UK’s economy – should not be overlooked.”

The Bacc For The Future campaign is calling for people and corporations to help spread the word by signing a petition, engaging in discourse via social media using the hash tag #baccforthefuture, lobbying any MPs or peers they have good contacts with and posting the logo and banner ads in prominent place on their websites.

As a festival with a vested interest in bolstering music education in the UK, we here at the Two Moors are pleased to hear that the campaign has so far garnered the support of more than 16,000 professional parents – which just goes to show that the arts is something close to the heart of many families in the country.

We’re asking you to pledge your support as well and help ensure that music and other creative subjects are viewed as seriously as others on the curriculum, so please do go and sign the petition and do whatever else you can to help.


2 thoughts on “Call made for EBacc arts qualification”

  1. I come from a musical family.competing in championship section brass band status. Also my family love theatre and performing at amateur level. Particularly my son who is in year 7, is very enthusiastic about all of the performing arts subjects. I see his career in this area and would positively encourage the inclusion of this qualification. My son would definitely want to do this qualification. We are not a wealthy family and could not afford to support my son in joining such clubs or organisations to enable him to receive the experience and knowledge needed for such a career and rely entirely on the school to provide him with the opportunities that only money can buy elsewhere.
    Many thanks.

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