How to Get Kids Into Classical Music

If you’re a teacher or a parent keen to give your young charges a culture boost this year or next, then you might find the YouTube video How to Get Kids Into Classical Music by CDZA (short for The Collective Cadenza) of particular use.

The video is a hugely innovative way of encouraging children to listen to works by some of the greatest composers to have lived, including Beethoven, Mozart and Grieg, and does so by pairing pop lyrics with compositions in a sort of contemporary-historical mash-up.

Apparently, the experiment is intended to connect youngsters with the classics and CDZA says the video can be used to teach them the fundamentals of music, getting them to evaluate the pieces in terms of timbre, beat, metre and harmony.

Here’s the video:

What do you think? Do you reckon this will help kids gain a greater appreciation of classical music?


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