An interview with: Keziah Thomas

Keziah ThomasKeziah Thomas took part in this year’s Two Moors Festival, doing a solo performance at Tiverton Parkway Station as part of our Season Ticket for Bach series and joining her harp quartet 4Girls4Harps for a second concert to celebrate their ten-year anniversary.

We’ve caught up with her to find out how it all went…

2MF: So how did you enjoy the festival this year? How do you think it compared to previous years?

Keziah Thomas (KT): 2012 was a fantastic festival! I loved the new look programme design, the concerts were all tempting and of excellent quality and there was some very intriguing programming.

2MF: What was it like playing your harp in a train station?

KT: What an experience! I particularly loved playing for the people who just happened to be passing through the station … to see their curious and shocked expressions as they entered the waiting room was priceless. I was expecting the concert to be a little frantic and perhaps noisy to but I was astounded at how quietly the audience listened to me perform. In the slow movement of the Bach Partita, you could have heard a pin drop. In those moments, we could have been in a concert hall rather than a station! The concert took place on a beautiful sunny morning so after I performed, I took the harp out onto the platform for some photos and an impromptu encore … much to the surprise of the passengers on the London train as it drew in!

2MF: Do you think the festival should do more quirky concerts like these?

KT: It was a quirky idea but it definitely wasn’t just for the novelty value. I love the thought of taking classical music to people getting on with their daily lives to give them a moment to stop and listen. I’m looking forward to hearing what will be programmed next year.

2MF: Do you prefer playing the more oddball concerts in strange venues or in proper concert halls?

KT: To be honest, the preparation I made for this concert was exactly the same as if it had been in a concert hall so beforehand I didn’t really think about the odd nature of the venue. It was lovely to share the Bach Partita with people who were just passing through … I hope I might have introduced Bach to a few who have not previously listened to his music – maybe got him a few new fans!

2MF: Tell me about 4G4H’s 10-year anniversary. How did you celebrate?

KT: We were very lucky to have a new piece written for us for our anniversary – Elemental by Harriet Adie. It is a fantastic new addition to the harp quartet repertoire and has been very enthusiastically received by our audiences this year.

2MF: How did the concert at the festival go?

KT: We had a full crowd who responded very warmly to our programme…in fact one couple enjoyed the concert so much, they booked for another the same day!

2MF: What do you like most about doing festival events?

KT: We are so well looked after by the Two Moors Festival team. The hospitality is second to none and the festival organisation is excellent – bravo!

2MF: Will you be back next year?

KT: I think the festival might be a little ‘harped out’ for now but I hope to be back in future years!

2MF: And what does the next 12 months hold for 4G4H?

KT: We are planning a new album for 2013, a Christmas CD and a tour … watch this space!


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