Have you heard of Landfill Harmonic?

Sadly, not every child in the world is lucky enough to have classical music – or indeed, any music – in their lives. Sometimes we forget just how very privileged we are to have amazing art and culture right here at our fingertips but every now and again a story pops up that really catches our attention and highlights not only how fortunate we are here in the UK but also how resourceful and determined other people, both young and old, are to enjoy music and share it with others.

We’ve just discovered The Recycled Orchestra, part of Sonidas de la Tierra (Sounds of the Earth) – a social enterprise dedicated to helping vulnerable children in poor and under-developed parts of Paraguay change their lives through music. Not only are the youngsters given the opportunity to play musical instruments which they would probably never have otherwise, but they are also taught to make the instruments themselves – out of rubbish taken from local landfill sites.

Now a documentary is being made called Landfill Harmonic about the orchestra that we really cannot wait to see, featuring children playing violin, flute, drums, cello and more – all made from recycled plastic pipes, tin cans and metal drums. Production began in 2011 and the film crew returned to Paraguay this year to revisit three of the children to see how their lives have changed. Here are a couple of videos to pique your interest.


What do you think?

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