Classical music ‘of interest’ to under-25s

Fiddle-de-deeWe were very pleased here at the Two Moors Festival to hear about a new poll revealing a strong interest in other genres of music other than pop among those aged under 25.

According to the YouGov poll, 31 per cent of this demographic are keen to find out more about classical music, while 32 per cent have an interest in jazz. Furthermore, 19 per cent would like to hear more blues, 16 per cent more African music and 13 per cent more Oriental.

The results also show that this demographic joined people over 55 in being those most interested in learning about classical music.

Alice Walton, Marketing Director of the Philharmonia, was quoted by Classic FM as saying: “We are delighted that young people are keen to explore different forms of music. This may, in part, be linked with having music lessons at school but music is a huge part of most of our lives, and classical music is all around us, in films, TV and online.”

We think this is a great development – even if the study does suggest that classical music has somehow skipped a generation.

Are you under 25? What music do you listen to and why?


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