The Bridge Inn, post flooding

Thank goodness all that rain’s over for the time being – although it seems to be about to be replaced by lots of snow. We’ve caught up with Kenny from country pub The Bridge Inn in Dulverton, which was badly hit by the recent flooding in the area, to find out what happened and how they’ve got on with the recovery.

DSC02785 DSC02783

2MF: Is this the first time you’ve been flooded? 

Bridge Inn (BI): Its the first time we’ve been flooded. we’ve been here for 6 years, but it hasnt flooded in Dulverton since the early 80’s. They built flood defences between 1984 and 1987 and they have always held since. It was a little scary and you had the feeling of helplessness as the water flooded the pub below us as we were upstairs.

2MF: Have you ever known it to rain so much on Exmoor?

BI: I’ve never known so much continuous heavy rain in a month ever – and I’m from the west of Scotland!

2MF: Were you expecting it? What precautions did you take?

BI: We could tell from about an hour before it flooded that it was obviously going to come over the walls. it was higher than we’d ever seen it and was still rising rapidly. We shut the pub at 19:30 and had to ask everyone to leave. We then put as much furniture on top of tables and barricaded ourselves in with bits of wood. We didn’t have any sandbags, the council sent some the next day – 24 hours late!

2MF: Has Dulverton ever been flooded before?

BI: Dulverton was famously flooded in 1952 on the same day as the catastrophic Lynton/Lynmouth flood. It has happened on other occasions too, up until the 80s, but none as bad as 1952.

2MF: Are you back up and running now?

BI: We got back up and running just three days later on Boxing Day after a mammoth clean up. However, lots of equipment is still not working. Also although the carpet has been cleaned, it will need replaced. There may be some need to repair plaster work and other walls too. We lost three days of business at a very busy time of the year, and may lose more if further repairs are required.

2MF: How were others in the town affected by all the water?

BI: The Stanbury’s garage across the road was the other business badly affected. However, some of our neighbours have had to move out for most of this year for repair work to their homes!

So glad The Bridge Inn is back in operation… here’s hoping the worst of the wet weather is behind us! How were you affected by all the rain?


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