The A-Z of Sightreading

biography_portraitThere’s a new book about to hit shop shelves that could help all you budding classical musicians out there. It’s called The A-Z of Sightreading – a practice that can prove the downfall of any talented performer. We’ve caught up with author Harriet Adie, one of the founding members of quartet 4 Girls 4 Harps, to find out more.

2MF: What convinced you there was a need for such a book?

HA: I came up with the idea for an A-Z of sightreading last year after being frustrated that there wasn’t enough material out there for my students to practise on. You can practise sightreading on any piece of music but it is hard to find enough easy ones at the beginner level.

2MF: How’s your book different?

HA: Sightreading is something most people find very hard and I think it would be easier if it was broken down into all the component parts, which could then be practised individually. So I did just that. The different components are key signatures, time signatures, intervals, rhythm, fingering, dynamics, musical direction, chord spacings, ledger lines and finally lots of exercises that combine everything together.

2MF: How’s progress coming?

HA: I’m pretty much finished on the writing side – I just need to assemble, proofread and trial it a bit before launching it on the world! I am fortunate to have help from Helen Leitner for the proofreading and Keziah Thomas for trialling it on students. I will be self publishing it but will also hope that the various harp music shops will stock it. As far as I know, there is nothing else out there like it!

Keep an eye out for it in the shops!

Do you have trouble with sightreading? Any tricks to help fellow musicians?


4 thoughts on “The A-Z of Sightreading”

    1. This looks an excellent book and it is different from what it is on the market as it seems to combine theory with instrument practicing. Is it for harp only?
      Have also a look at our sight reading apps for iPad which are using an innovative method to sight read pushing the eye forward to achieve continuity and let us know your thoughts. It can be a good “addition” to your book.
      The method has been appreciated worldwide. The website address is We will have a new website in a couple of weeks.

      The “SightRead4” apps are for piano, bowed strings and guitar and could be found in Apple App Store.

      We are also on Facebook and Twitter.

      Good luck with the book, I am sure that it will be a great success!

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