Cafe Muse

Cordelia 2
Followers of the Two Moors Festival will know that we work particularly hard to take classical music out of the big concert halls in London and bring it to smaller audiences in the south-west, making it much more accessible to all.

And we’re always happy to hear about others striving to achieve the same, which is why we love the idea of Cafe Muse – a series of events set up by brilliant pianist Cordelia Williams that sees classical music removed from the Wigmore and brought into bars, cafes and brasseries. Not exactly where you’d expect to hear the delightful strains of Beethoven’s Ninth!

Cordelia presents performances of live music – either solo or with friends – in these non-traditional settings, where the only rules are “no rules. No bow ties. Just a great night out”.

The idea for Cafe Muse was inspired by the old salons and cafes of Paris and Vienna, which became the epicentre for artistic and literary debate. This is at the heart of what Cafe Muse strives to achieve, with all musicians taking part talking about what they play.

The next event takes place today (March 18th) at the Theatre Royal Dress Circle Bar in Nottingham from 19:30, with a programme including Schubert and Prokofiev. Sounds like a great night out to us!

What’s the best non-traditional place you’ve ever been to a classical concert?


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