The meeting of trustees

Most trustees’ meetings would take place in somewhere sensible like a boardroom, or at least a room with space and a decent sized table. But no, the Two Moors Festival has to be different! It always has been unique so why not enhance this by adding a trustees’ meeting to the list?

We had been warned by Western Power that there would be a power cut at elevenses time. With this in mind, it was decided that we would have our most recent meeting in the kitchen where the Aga throws out a delicious amount of heat that reaches a large kitchen table. Accommodating six, this had to be increased to allow for ten festival devotees to seat themselves plus folders, files, notepads, mugs of coffee – and candles!

We run meetings to time, which means that items on the agenda get dealt with in a cut and dried way. We are blessed with a team of people who support the festival wholeheartedly and who donate a considerable amount of time to it whether it is finances, the Friends, business strategies or running education projects and marketing. The festival would not survive but for the expertise of these individuals who bring their knowledge to the organization and who also give encouragement to us in what we do.

All this sounds very serious – which it is, since running something as large as the festival is no mean feat.

To return to the meeting, there are always extraneous things that focus the mind. Power cuts are one thing but there is a large dog (Flora) who considers herself a trustee and who will not be happy until she has made sure everyone is in their right place. There is also a cat called Figaro who is eighteen and who normally sleeps 99% of the day.

Not so at this meeting. Everything ground to a halt when this loveable sloth uttered a wail of despair, having got shut in a cupboard. You can imagine the ensuing mirth…

I wonder how many other trustees’ meetings take place with cats ‘in the belfry’?


What do you think?

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