Four Girls Four Harps photoshoot

Four Girls Four Harps is a brilliant harp quartet, made up of Harriet Adie, Keziah Thomas, Eleanor Turner and Elizabeth Scorah, that’s going from strength to strength, playing an enticing programme of their own compositions and well-known and popular pieces.

They’ve just had a rather fantastic photoshoot for their new publicity shots and for the cover for the Christmas album (even though it’s only April!) and the pictures are so beautiful we just had to share a few of them here.

575928_10152688812635052_1955176419_n 901690_10151302746916536_748823923_o 10785_10151525162828856_920052938_n


How gorgeous are these photos? We can’t wait for the Christmas album now! The girls will be touring the UK in December, taking in venues like The River House Barn in Surrey, Asylum Arts in London and SJE Arts in Oxford so make sure you catch them in your area!


3 thoughts on “Four Girls Four Harps photoshoot”

  1. Oh what BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL idiosyncratic photos. The album cover will undoubtedly become a collector’s item! xsx

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