Good news for travelling musicians!

Classical in the countrysideWe’ve heard many horror stories over the years here at The Two Moors Festival about continent-hopping young musicians having to book extra seats for their instruments on planes, them getting irretrievably lost in transit or somewhat damaged in the cargo hold. (We’ve also been there in person for all sorts  of strange happenings at customs, such as marimbas being taken out of their cases, put together and then dismantled again before being allowed to fly, but that’s a story for another day…)

That’s why we’re so glad to report that, thanks to new EU Commission guidelines due to come into force in 2014, musicians will be able to carry small instruments on board with them, while airlines will have to make all baggage restrictions clear both at the time of booking and at the airport itself. Currently, airlines can set their own rules regarding instruments – which can be very confusing, particularly for those who travel a lot.

We welcome a more streamlined approach, particularly because instruments are so very expensive and become such a part of the musician they belong to – it’s absolutely devastating when something happens to them!

Roll on 2014!

Has anything horrible ever happened to your instrument while travelling around and about?


What do you think?

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