What do you think of the Urban Classic Prom?

Each year, we here at the Two Moors Festival can’t wait for the start of the Proms (July 12th-7th September) and this year is no exception. We’re very much looking forward to programmes including Britten, Rachmaninov, Bizet, Debussy and Bach – definitely the best way to start the summer!

We are rather intrigued, however, by the inclusion of the Urban Classic Prom on August 10th, with the BBC Symphony Orchestra taking to the stage with some of the UK’s leading lights of the urban music scene. Henze and Mosolov will be rubbing shoulders with soul, rap and R&B, with conductor Jules Buckley describing it as a “culture clash” and saying: “We’re taking artists from different worlds and messing with their music, putting it in an orchestral context and exploring it in a new way.”

An interesting move, certainly, and one that will no doubt prove divisive among classical music fans. Does it constitute a ‘dumbing down’ of one of the biggest highlights of the musical calendar? Or will it help to bring classical music to a new audience? We’re quite looking forward to seeing just what will happen on the 10th and always welcome new and innovative approaches to classical music, particularly if it means growing numbers of people come away with a greater appreciation for the genre.

What do you think?


What do you think?

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