Keep calm and classical music on!

We all know just how relaxing it can be to listen to classical music – which is why we have the radio tuned to Classic FM all day, every day at the Two Moors Festival HQ! – but did you know that it can help chill your pets out as well?

Apparently so! A vets practice in Tividale in the Midlands has been playing certain well-chosen tracks in a bid to keep all the patients calm as they wait their turn in the queue.

Clinical director Craig Harrison told the Birmingham Mail: “When played to dogs, the psycho-acoustically designed classical piano arrangements induced calmness in 70 per cent of dogs in charity shelters or kennels and 85 per cent of dogs in households.”

We’ve got a gorgeous German Shepherd here at the Two Moors Festival (who you will definitely have met if you’ve been to any of our concerts!) and she’s more than a little bit loopy so we’re not sure whether classical music would serve to calm her down, but she certainly does seem to have a penchant for it.

Here she is showing her appreciation for some rather fine madrigals at last year’s Two Moors Garden Party (the date for which is fast approaching – so watch out for further announcements on the blog!):


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