What to do in Devon: Dartmoor’s Miniature Pony Centre

Pic: Richard AustinOne of the reasons we set up the Two Moors Festival back in 2001 was to bring people back to Devon after the horrors of foot and mouth and give people a chance to not only listen to some amazing music not often heard outside the traditional concert halls but also to give them the opportunity to explore this part of the world and see just what it has to offer.

One attraction we’ve just discovered is one we think a lot of you out there would love to visit – Dartmoor’s Miniature Pony Centre. We’ve just heard that a new horse has been born called Sorrel – and she’s only 50cm tall! Now that’s a sight worth seeing, we’re sure you’ll all agree!

Sorrel’s just one of six little foals running about in the park, joining Tamarynd, Schwartz, Rosemary, Pimento and Samphire. The centre itself – in Moretonhampstead – has lots more to offer than just the sweetest horses on earth. There are 20 acres of countryside to explore, an aviary and a pets’ paddock where you can meet even more animals. If you’ve got children, don’t leave them behind – there are also horse rides they can take so a fun day out for all!


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