4 Girls 4 Harps online fundraising auction

575928_10152688812635052_1955176419_nDo you remember earlier this week we blogged about 4 Girls 4 Harps coming down to the Two Moors Festival HQ here in Devon for a residency and to record their 2013 Christmas album?

Well, the CD looks to be a great one with some brilliant pieces – written not only by quartet member Harriet Adie, but also by favourite composers like Faure and Handel – and promises to really make you get into the Christmas spirit as soon as the snow starts to fall.

But the quartet needs a bit of help. As we’re sure you all know, making records ain’t cheap and to help put this one out, the group is holding an online auction of all sorts of harp-related goodies.

Lots are available to suit all kinds of budget, from posters and mugs to concerts by the group in a venue of your choice. A composition by Harriet and an arrangement by fellow quartet member Eleanor Turner are also among the prizes.

The auction is now open for bids and will remain open until June 15th, so you have lots of time to take a look at what you can bid on and what takes your fancy.

We’ve definitely got our eyes on our very own harp piece! What’ll you be bidding on?


One thought on “4 Girls 4 Harps online fundraising auction”

  1. The link to the auction site is 32auctions.com/4Girls4Harps and just wanted to offer a small correction (sorry!) but the CD is a Christmas CD so sadly no Shostakovich, Faure or Handel on the menu!

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