Figgy the festival cat

We’re very sorry to have to tell all you Two Moors Festival fans that our dear little cat Figaro (Figgy to his friends) has died. If you ever came to visit the festival headquarters down in Devon, you’ll no doubt have come across his soppy little black self curled up on a plush cushion on a huge chair (much too big for a cat!) by the Aga.

He was very much loved, dividing his time fairly equally between sleeping in a little ball, crawling around the plates and saucers in the cupboards of our huge dresser in the kitchen and being dive-bombed by house martins while out and about in the garden. He was pretty dim for a cat but the most loving animal we could have asked for – and we’re very proud to say that he made it to the ripe old age of 17… excellent going for a cat!

Although we’ll miss him always, we’re not ones to dwell on these things and, because we’ve always had cats and our home seems very empty without them, we’re now very happy to say we’ve got a new crazy little kitten – called Falstaff!

He’s another black and white, and we know he’s a keeper because he shows absolutely no fear whatsoever of festival German Shepherd Flora. Here are a couple of snaps of the new addition to our family. We hope you can come down to Devon to meet him very soon!

_IGP2803 IMG_0842 IMG_0878



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