Beethoven’s Ninth – there’s an app for that!

A portrait of BeethovenWe love it when technology and classical music collide, and the newest app for the iPhone and iPad looks set to wow us here at the Two Moors Festival – it lets you get fully immersed in Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, with four recordings from the Deutsche Grammophon.

Developed by Touch Press, the app also allows you to follow the synchronised typeset score and experience some brilliant interactive features. It’s got the full score of the whole symphony and – interestingly – a colour map of the Philharmonia that lights up depending on what section is playing when.

And, should you choose to, you can even bounce between different recordings of the piece as you listen to it, as there are four recordings to choose from: Fricsay (1958), Karajan (1962), Bernstein (1979) and Gardiner (1992). If you’re looking to compare developments of orchestral playing over the years, then this app is a great choice.


What do you think?

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