Have you applied to the Momentum Music Fund?

money_2196794bIt can be jolly tough trying to make it as a professional musician in what is a hugely competitive industry these days. Just the costs involved alone are enough to put many of you off – whether it’s paying for travel, instrument repairs, new instruments, insurance, smart new suits and dresses for concerts… it’s never-ending!

The different grants and funding available to you are of particular importance and as a young musician you should try and take advantage of as many of these as you can. We’ve just come across the Momentum Music Fund, provided by PRS for Music Foundation (that aims to encourage the creation and performance of new music in the UK), which provides resources and support for new artists through grants of between £5,000 and £15,000.

It’s not open to all musicians – you do need to prove that the funding will make a substantial difference to their career, have had national press or airplay, a record release and have a notable online presence (among other requirements) – and all applications need to submit 10% of the amount requested from other sources of income.

The next deadline for applications is June 28th, then August 30th and October 11th, so start your applications today!

Good luck!


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