Bread and jam












Followers of the Two Moors Festival will know that at a lot of the classical music concerts we put on as part of the main two-week event in October we have a little stall where we sell all sorts of festival goodies, from ties, umbrellas and postcards to cushions, scarves and even cream and homemade scones.

Well, this year we’re thinking about doing something a little different and are kicking around the idea of having hampers full to bursting with homemade strawberry jam, bread, local cheese, chocolates – all either made by us here at the festival or sourced from local Devon businesses (which we’re always very keen to support, in any way we can).

This is still very much an idea in its infancy but we thought we’d spend a day or two this week practising our baking skills. So we spent an entire day roasting over a very hot Aga (which we’re very lucky to have in the kitchen of Barkham, the festival HQ), stewing up hundreds of strawberries to try out our first batch of jam. It turned out wonderfully and now our larder is very well stocked indeed!

We’ve also been doing a lot of bread baking, using Mary Berry’s amazing Aga cookbook, but have to work on our plaits. Once baked, the plaits don’t seem to stick together very well – perhaps we’re not doing it tight enough. Does anyone have any tips for baking plaited bread?

Would you like to see hampers of food for sale at festival events? Let us know!


3 thoughts on “Bread and jam”

  1. sounds absolutely DELICIOUS! seducing the tum as well as the ears…………..well done! XSX
    ps. jumping the gun of course but local crafts could be another winner ?!

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