Adventures in Music: Indian Inspiration with Arun Ghosh

Arun_Ghosh-1-200-200-100-cropHere’s something rather interesting for any of you down in Plymouth in a few days time – British clarinettist Arun Ghosh will be taking to the stage at Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery on June 28th to put on an interactive concert as part of the Adventures in Music series that takes place each Friday at the museum.

The performance will make connections between Indian music and jazz, and folk music from the Westcountry, as well as premiere a special composition written specifically for the event.

Audience participation is most definitely encouraged and this would be such a great event to take your kids to, particularly if you want to foster an interest in music and other cultures. You’ll learn all about Indian taags (rhythms) and raags (melodies), and experience peaceful meditative songs, improvisations, covers and well-known classics.

Don’t forget to bring along any small toy instruments you have – but don’t worry if you don’t have any, lots will be provided!

What fun!


3 thoughts on “Adventures in Music: Indian Inspiration with Arun Ghosh”

    1. It does sound like a lovely event – and a great chance for youngsters to experience some new music from another culture. Keep us updated about the things you do – we’re always happy to do blog posts about musical things going on in the south-west!

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