Stuffing envelopes, Two Moors Festival-style!

IMG_0930Well, it’s that time of year again – one that we look forward to and dread in almost equal measure. Before each October event can take place, there is – of course – a lot of work to be done… some of it fun, some of it less so, and when it comes to stuffing envelopes full of brochures to be sent out to everyone on our mailing list there are definitely things we would often rather be doing.

Of course, as is the Two Moors Festival way, we manage to enjoy ourselves whatever we’re doing and so every year we turn it into a little party, invite some of our friends and dear festival supporters over for a big supper, lots of wine and even more paperwork. Last night, we had 14 people over for a glass or three of tasty red and some rather delicious turkey in a cheese sauce – complete with new potatoes and salad, with lettuces and radishes fresh from our  own vegetable garden.

You’d think we’d all have been full after that but, if you know how the festival does things, you’ll know that pudding is just as important if not more so than the first course. We then proceeded to munch our way through rhubarb crumble and lots of gooey cakes and we’re still full now!

So that was the fun part… afterwards we still had to stuff over 4,000 envelopes, which may well make you baulk at the thought of all the postage costs but we’re very lucky here at the festival in that we’re sponsored by the very generous folk over at Knight Frank so that’s one thing we don’t have to worry about! Each time we do this, we split up into two groups – one lot in the kitchen sticking labels on envelopes and another in the dining room, stuffing them with the brochures as fast as they can. And we have one nominated runner who collects the completed boxes and delivers them to Knight Frank when we’re finished.

Pop back to the blog tomorrow to have a sneak peek at the brochure. We hope you like it!


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