Our new brochure!


The wait is finally over! We can now unveil what the cover of our beautiful new brochure for the festival’s main two-week event in October looks like.

What do you think? We decided to go in quite a different direction with this one and really do think it’s quite striking – and definitely eye-catching!

The theme for this year’s festival is light, so we’ve got a great programme of concerts and talks, including Indian music, pianist Jayson Gillham’s From Darkness to Light – Musical Catharsis, a discussion on stained glass, Noye’s Fludde and a grand finale to the music of the Royal Fireworks.

That’s just a very small taster but stay tuned to the blog in the coming weeks and months as we’ll have lots more posts about what’s coming up, as well as a series of interviews with some of the biggest names in classical music.


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