Sponsor an animal for Noye’s Fludde

britten-stamp-1366107290-custom-0As you may know if you’re a regular Two Moors Festival blog reader, we’re putting on a performance of Benjamin Britten’s Noye’s Fludde at this year’s main two-week event in October, taking place on the 23rd at Exeter Cathedral.

Britten always intended for this particular composition to be a community-based production and we’re sticking true to his guns, involving 150 children from local schools in the south-west (including Bolham, South Molton, Mary Tavey, Widecombe, South Tawton and Lynton), with 72 of the lucky youngsters bagging parts of the animals going into the ark two by two.

We’ve got rabbits, foxes, lions, badgers, monkeys, eagles, rhinos, wolves, deer, giraffes, lizards, koalas, snakes and dogs (to name but a few!). Unfortunately, putting on such a show and giving children such a rare opportunity to take part in a truly professional production does cost – so we’re asking people if they’d like to sponsor an animal of their choice to help.

Every little animal costs the festival £60, so if you’d like to help get the show off the ground and give these youngsters – many of whom have little or no music in their schools – the chance to take part in something wonderful, please do consider sponsoring one of them.

You can contact the festival at (01643) 831 370 or by emailing 2mf@onetel.com.

What animal will you pick?


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