Norman Perryman: When light and music meet

Angela Davis-ORIG

Circle1The theme of this year’s Two Moors Festival main two-week event in October is light, so chosen after artistic director Penny Adie saw the effects of strong sunlight penetrating a stained glass window. This one idea has spawned a highly varied and intensely interesting programme of classical music concerts and talks – and we’ve just discovered that we’re not the only ones to have discovered how light and music work together.

Norman Perryman has been pioneering a unique art form for the last 40 years, creating kinetic paintings live in concert to music. By painting on overhead projectors, audiences can watch the evolution of his images on a massive screen, with the colours flowing and pulsating in accordance with the music.

He’s performed to all sorts of amazing pieces, including Scriabin’s Prometheus: Poem of Fire and Poem of Ecstasy, and Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition, and has worked with some of the most prominent names in the classical music world – including Sir Simon Rattle, Jose Carreras and Evelyn Glennie. He’s made more than 400 paintings of numerous ensembles and produced thousands of kinetic images to music. Yehudi Menuhin even described him thus: “Perryman is a musician, who creates music with his paintbrush.”

We’re now huge fans of his work here at the festival – the fluidity in his work is incredible, as if you can almost see his subjects moving. We’ll be keeping our eyes on him, that’s for sure. Find out even more about him on his lovely blog.



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