A Ramble along the River Barle

devonlandacre_bridge_midAs long-term followers of the Two Moors Festival will know, a walk through the beautiful countryside of the south-west has become a regular feature of the festival’s main two-week event in October – and 2013 is certainly no exception!

After enjoying lots and lots of classical music from October 16th to 19th, you can have a very well-earned respite on the 20th by going on a very energetic hike over Exmoor, from Withypool, along the River Barle and back over Winsford Hill, joining local expert on moorland flora and fauna Jeremy Holtom to find out all you can about the area.

While we can’t guarantee the weather, we can guarantee that you’ll have a lovely time. The Exmoor National Park is one of the most beautiful to be found in England. It has virtually no light pollution, no telegraph poles – in fact, many places on the top of the moor still don’t have mains electricity (after all Barkham, the Two Moors Festival HQ, was only connected to the grid in 2001!).

If the sun does deign to shine on all us happy walkers, you can see all the way across to Wales, Dartmoor and Westward Ho! from the top of the highest point at Dunkery Beacon (certainly a sight you need to behold at once in your lifetime) – and one of the best times to go for a walk is in winter, when the hedgerows sparkle with delightful hoar frost.

We’ll be meeting at the Royal Oak in Withypool on the 20th at 14:00 for a lovely four-mile stroll, so please do come along if you can. Hopefully it won’t be raining – and you’ll certainly build up a nice hearty appetite for the evening concert in Dulverton. which is a chamber music recital given by The Busch Ensemble.

So – who can’t wait until October?


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