The animals came in 2 by 2!

zm_praying_otter_jp_120217_wblogWe blogged last week about our production of Noye’s Fludde that is taking place as part of the main two-week Two Moors Festival event in October on the 23rd in Exeter Cathedral. The performance is involving over 150 schoolchildren from the south-west as singers, instrumentalists and the animals that came in two by two.

We’re currently looking for people who want to sponsor the children as animals (as it costs £60 per critter to make the costumes and masks, and we’ve got 72 animals to find!) and so far you’ve all been so very generous indeed. You can choose what animal you’d like to sponsor and so far we’ve got two ducks, two lizards, two koalas and a few isolated animals (very sad – no one should have to go on the ark alone!) but we’re still very much in need of help.

There are rabbits, lions, foxes, monkeys, badgers, eagles, deer, wolves, giraffes and a whole lot more for you to sponsor – and it really is a brilliant opportunity to help children from rural areas experience classical music, which doesn’t often reach schools in this part of the world. This memorable concert involves all sorts of professional musicians (including Petroc Trelawny as God and Callum Thorpe as Noah), and is directed by Thomas Guthrie who is renowned for his work with the Royal Opera House – and it promises to be a truly memorable part of this year’s festival.

If you’d like to sponsor some animals, you can contact the festival on (01643) 831 006 or by emailing

Which animal will you be sponsoring?


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