Do you fidget at the opera?

A violin on a black background.Going to a classical music concert can be a bit tricky if the seats aren’t hugely comfortable. You can be sitting there for quite a long time, which can result in lots of shifting around as legs and bottoms go to sleep, which can be rather distracting for rest of the audience.

In an interesting move, the Metropolitan Opera in New York has taken steps to counteract numb bum syndrome (as we’re calling it here at the Two Moors Festival!) by installing ergonomic seat cushions in its building over the next decade, swapping around 3,300 seats.

“Fidgeting is contagious. If the person next to you starts fighting for the armrest or the person behind you starts crossing his legs… that can interfere with your experience,” Ian Moore – chief executive of NuBax, which pitched the idea to the opera house – said.

The clever new seats have been designed to straighten the spine, tilt the pelvis forward and improve blood flow, so the only reason for fidgeting at any of their productions in the future will be be that, well, you’re just a fidget in general.

Unfortunately you’ll just have to control your fidgeting impulses at this year’s Two Moors Festival’s main two-week event in October – our concerts all take place in churches and the ministers will probably have something to say about it if we start pulling out all the pews!


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