An interview with: Martin Roscoe

roscoe_gall_3Last week, we blogged about pianist Martin Roscoe, who set himself the challenge of playing all Beethoven’s piano concertos in just one evening. We thought this was quite an interesting idea, so caught up with the man himself to find out more about this concert to end all concerts, which is taking place at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester on October 5th in aid of the Musicians Benevolent Fund.

2MF: Where did the idea come from for the concert?

MR: My friend and colleague Ronan O’Hors did this in Germany a few years ago… so I know it’s possible !

2MF: How will the evening play out?

MR: 1 and 2 at 17:00, 3 and 4 at 19:00 and No.5 at 21:00.

2MF: How have you trained for this marathon?

MR: I’ve been playing these pieces for 35 years with great regularity ! Otherwise, I’m trying hard not to think too much about it, but will focus on enjoying it.

2MF: What draws you to Beethoven as a composer?

MR: For me (as for so many others), Beethoven’s music encapsulates all of the human experience, with every piece having something different to say, and , at the same time, stretching the boundaries of musical expression.

2MF: Are you worried the audience won’t have the staying power for the whole performance?

MR: They have the opportunity to book for individual parts, or all three. I’m hoping the hall will be full for all three, obviously ! It is short of three hoursof  music so Wagnerians will find it very easy!

2MF: What other classical music challenges have you set yourself in the past?

MR: I did both Brahms concertos a few years back so this seems a natural progression.

2MF: What will you be trying next?

MR: All the Mozarts? But that might need to be spread out a bit more… five days ?


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